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ARGO Real Time Compound Inspection System

The ARGO equipment is a quality control device for compound distribution systems on circular supports. It is a simple and irremissible tool for the quality control on the product and of the production phases.
The sensor:
The reading system is composed of a double optical fiber protected by a sheathing which is particularly resistant against external agents and mechanical stress. The fiber ends with a sensor that works on the color contrast. The sensor is encapsulated in a stainless-steel case, which is particularly resistant against shocks. A focusing system with micrometrical regulation is situated on the final part of the case. For the light source, which is obtained by means of led diodes, there is no loss of efficiency or aging. The best reading distance is of 12~15 mm between the inspection surface and the final edge of the reading device.
The light beam of the sensor is oriented by fixing the sensor with a special support, which is different according to the various applications. The fixing and regulation of these supports is very easy. With the support the sensor can be orientated for a partial reading of the mastic area under the curler. All placements and regulations are easily performed and there is no need of intervention of specialized personnel. The design of the support has been particularly accurate and allows the removal and the replacing of the sensor for the periodical cleaning. When performing this operation there is no need of further setting up. The initial set-up is very easy, because it is immediately possible to check the focusing looking at the light beam on the surface that should be inspected.
Finally, the sensor does not need any maintenance intervention, except for the cleaning of its final part, which can be exposed to accidental mastic splashes.
By means of the sensor sensitivity, the mechanics, the optical system and the possible regulations it is possible to detect any smallest imperfection concerning the distribution of the mastic film.
The information read by means of the sensor is then sent to the control system for processing.

Technical Specifications

Height 104 mm
Width 266 mm
Depth 200 mm

Electrical characteristics

Voltage 220Vac ± 10%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rating 36VA
Power 12Vdc ± 1%
Polarization NPN
Typ. tension 12Vdc
Max. tension 15Vdc
Isolation 3000V
Alphanumerical Lcd with backlight
Matrix LCD membrane

Operating characteristics

Production speed
max. 550 pieces/min.
Rotation speed
max. 3.000 revolutions/min.
Furnace dimensions
max. 10.000 pieces
Interruption diameter 0.5mm
Accepted pieces
Rejected pieces
Total pieces
Plant stop

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