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PLC Gun Control Power Module

The new GEM PLC Power Module is the next generation GUN control unit to correctly power the GEM Electromagnetic compound Gun without the need of an external independent unit (GEMINI).

It has been developed for the new generation machines where the liner is equipped with “fast” PLC units.
With the installation of the GEM PLC Power Module it’s possible to simply control the Gun timing and purging directly with the Liners PLC System.
This can then be easily integrated in the systems interface so that the operators can easily adjust & control the lining process.
The installation is very simple the module is built on a standard DIN rail for easy installation.

The connection needed are:

Signal from PLC for Gun Timing
220 V AC to power the Unit.
Gun Connection
The Unit is protected by its own fuse.

Voltage: 220 VAC
Input: Std. PLC Signal

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