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GEMINI ROSSO Power Control Unit

The GEMINI Rosso Controller is a new generation microcontroller-based Control Unit for the Can Making Industry. This unit is a natural evolution of GEMINI Nero Unit that is already widely used and appreciated in Italy and Europe since 2002.
The GEMINI Rosso has been developed to fulfill the GEM Automazione customer’s requirements to satisfy faster and more precise end lining process.
The GEMINI Rosso is a further development where we studied the speed and power of the controller in relation to the RM07 and RM06 (Bigger Model for Large Diameters) Electromagnetic Gun.
Since the new generation of “BIG” Electromagnetic GUNS were introduced in the lining process, the GEMINI Nero Controller did not have enough power to operate, the GEMINI Rosso overcomes these limitations increasing the output power and generating a special shaped pulse.
The new pulses are characterized by a special current “spike” applied to gun coil so that the speed and power of the needle is optimized. This special function gives the end user the capability of having a very precise and accurate application of the product. Also, this allows for very high speeds in production.
The installation and setup of GEMINI Rosso system is very simple; the new gun fixings are the same as the “Old Air” Guns, the new controller only need a start sensor that can be positioned near the Gun.
All the functional parameters can be settable easily using a inline multilanguage and password protected menu.
All the inputs/outputs are interfaced by optocouplers to guarantee the maximum end user safety. Hardware and software protections have been implemented to avoid any possible internal components damages and external components flammability.

GEM Gemini Rosso Specification Sheet


Operating Voltage

220/230VAC  50/60Hz

Power Consumption

2 Amp


2 x 2Amp

Power Output

400 watt Max

Gun Output

Peak 24-42 VDC
Maintenance 6-12 VDC

Peak and Maintenance Time setting

Peak 0-50 mS – step 1 mS
Maintenance 0-3000 mS – step 1 mS

Start Sensor

NPN 12mm Diam

Maximum Speed

Up to 1000 parts/minute (depends on mechanical plant)

Argo Time Exit

Output for ARGO Controller with delay

Aluminum Casing

190 mm x 200 mm x 100 mm


3 Kg with cable and sensor (NO Gun)


LCD Retro illuminated


Microchip PIC18F4680 10 MHz

Port for SW Upgrade

Available BDM Input

Fast wiring Clamp

Standard 12 ways

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